Hanging your photo tiles

Super fast and with the same spacing

Placement on the wall

It often looks best when the centre of the photo wall is at eye level and centred on the wall.

If you want to hang the photo wall over a piece of furniture, it is important to leave a distance of about 20 centimetres. The photo wall should also preferably not be wider than the furniture, 2/3 of the size of the furniture usually looks best.


Decide in which layout and in which order you want to hang your photo tiles. Laying down the photo tiles on a table or the floor and trying different layouts is the easiest way.

Hanging the photo tiles

  1. Clean the wall to ensure it is dry and free of dust and grease. If you have freshly painted walls, we recommend that you wait two weeks before hanging the photo frames.

  2. It is easiest to start with the photo tile you want in the middle of the bottom row. Remove the protective paper from the magnetic strips and press the tile onto the wall. Feel free to use a spirit level to get the first tile to hang straight.

    Hanging the photo tiles - 1Hanging the photo tiles - 2

    Tip! Use your smartphone as a spirit level with the Measure app (iPhone) or download a spirit level app (Android).

  3. Remove the tile and press the magnetic strips firmly for a few seconds. Hang the photo tile back on the magnetic strips.

    Hanging the photo tiles - 3

  4. Fold the layout tool in accordance with the instructions and place it on top or next to the photo tile where you want the next tile.

    Hanging the photo tiles - 4aHanging the photo tiles - 4bHanging the photo tiles - 4c

  5. Place the next tile against the tool and press it onto the wall. Remove the tile and press the magnetic strips firmly. Repeat until all photo tiles are in place.

    Hanging the photo tiles - 5aHanging the photo tiles - 5bHanging the photo tiles - 5c

Repositioning the magnet strips

The magnetic strips are sufficiently adhesive to be repositioned several times. By pulling the strip away carefully, it will come off without leaving a trace. If the adhesive strength is no longer sufficient, the strips can be replaced.

Place the magnetic strips back onto the photo tile for easiest repositioning. Avoid touching the adhesive part to ensure its adhesive strength.

Offset layout

To hang the photo tiles in an offset layout, you can use the top of the layout tool. Place the tool on top of the tile, place the next tile against the top of the tool and press firmly.

Offset layout